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We are a shawarma restaurant based in Cyprus. Loved and Trusted by our customers.

What We Offer

Get ready for a taste sensation that transports you to the bustling streets of the Middle East. At Shawarma Express, we’re not just serving shawarmas; we’re delivering an experience. Join us on a flavour-packed journey that’s quick, delicious, and authentically crafted just for you.

Fresh Salads
shawarma portion
Shawarma Portions
Crispy Chicken
shawarma sandwich
Shawarma sandwichs
Mixed Grill
Mixed Grill
Fried Fish
Fried Fish

Our Story

At Shawarma Express, our story is woven with a passion for bringing the rich, aromatic flavors of the Middle East to your table. It all began with a love for the art of shawarma-making and a dream to create a place where every bite tells a story of tradition, quality, and a genuine culinary journey.

Shawarma Express has been a labor of love for our dedicated team. Inspired by the vibrant street food culture of the Middle East, we set out to create a haven for shawarma enthusiasts and flavor seekers. Our journey led us to perfecting the art of crafting shawarmas that not only satisfy your cravings but also transport you to the heart of our culinary heritage.

Each shawarma we serve is a result of meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to using the finest ingredients. Our recipes, handed down through generations, have been infused with a dash of innovation to create a menu that caters to diverse tastes while staying true to the authenticity of traditional flavors.

As we continue to grow, our mission remains the same – to provide you with a fast, delicious, and unforgettable shawarma experience. Join us in savoring the moments, one shawarma at a time. Welcome to the Shawarma Express family, where every bite is a chapter in our flavorful story.

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At Shawarma Express, we believe in fast service without compromising on quality. Our shawarmas are crafted with care, ensuring you get a speedy and delightful experience every time.


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